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Day 4...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 195RMB ***
Entry to Drum Tower and Bell Tower: 30RMB
Entry to Great Mosque: 25RMB
Entry to Shaanxi History Museum: 35RMB
Entry to Giant Wild Goose Pagoda: 25RMB
Accomodation @ Ludao International Youth Hostel: 45RMB
Local Transport, Food and Others: 35RMB

Attractions Information
Xi'an Bell Tower (by Travel China Guide)
Xi'an Drum Tower (by Travel China Guide)
Xi'an Great Mosque (by Travel China Guide)
Xi'an Muslim Quarter (by Travel China Guide)
Shaanxi History Museum (by Travel China Guide)
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda (by Travel China Guide)

Finally arriving at Xi'an after 18 hours of train ride from Chengdu

Xi'an Bell Tower

Views of Xi'an streets from Bell Tower

Dance and music performance inside Bell Tower

Stage with beautiful set of musical bells

Xi'an Drum Tower

Giant drum!

These drums were each to be used during different weathers/seasons

This for example was to be used when there was heavy snow

There was also drum performance inside Drum Tower

You can also find many displays of Chinese culture

View of Bell Tower from Drum Tower

Interesting looking market place just below Drum tower

Welcome to Xi'an Muslim Quarter

Entrance of Great Mosque of Xi'an

Small pavillion inside mosque

Arabic calligraphy inside mosque


Old faithfuls relaxing away

Prayer hall

Looking thru into the prayer hall

Unique decoration

One of the food stalls in Xi'an Muslim Quarter

Barbecue flour or something

A popular Muslim food, beef meat and soup with small bread pieces to soap up the delicous taste

South gate of Xi'an City Walls

Views of Xi'an City Walls

Shaanxi History Museum with fantastic collections of Chinese histories and ancient artefacts

Strangely looking masks

Ancient musical bells

Few statues from the famous Terracotta Warriors

Cast for ancient coins

Statues of alien looking people

Beautiful piece of artefact

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda as seen from water fountains

It was home to famous Buddhist monk Xuanzang, and where he did translation of sutras he had gotten from India

Close-up of Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

Temples within complex

Elephant statue, influence from India?

Beautiful ceiling inside one of the temples

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda has actually tilted slightly due to ground softening

Statues depicting a typical scene of Sichuan Opera

Many interesting faces of Sichuan Opera

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda at night

Here comes the fountains!

~ View Picture on Flickr ~

Night view of Xi'an City Walls

Day 5...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 245RMB ***
Bus 306 to Terracotta Warriors and back: 7RMB + 7RMB
Entry to Terracotta Warriors: 90RMB
Entry to Xi'an City Walls: 40RMB
Rental of Bike @ Xi'an City Walls: 20RMB for 1.5hrs
Local Transport, Food and Others: 35RMB

Overnight Train from Xi'an to Lanzhou: 46RMB
>>> Click for more trains details <<<

                ~ Train Code: 1043
                ~ Type: Hardseat (Non-Aircon)
                ~ Departure: 2125
                ~ Arrival: 0530
                ~ Travel Time: 08Hrs 05Mins (676km)

*Overland Distance Covered So Far: 1,842km

A trip to Xi'an is definitely not complete without a visit to the marvelous Terracotta Warriors constructed by First Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang

Entrance of pit 1, largest excavation pit out of current existing 3 pits

Nearly 1,000 of an estimated 6,000 figures of armored and unarmored infantrymen, bowmen, crossbowmen, archers, and charioteers have been unearthed in pit 1

Close up of some of the warriors

Scale of it is really amazing, considering this is only 1 pit!

It is really amazing that each warriors are uniquely different from one another

More waiting to be evacuated and pieced together

Warriors and horses (once part of a chariot) in one of the other pits

Closeup of one of the warriors inside the museum

Many different faces of the warriors, each of them unique

A large scale-model of bronze carriage was also unearthed

A bronze sword which still glitters in metallic luster without being rusty, though buried underground for over 2,000 years

There are also many other displays including these canteens

Go early in the morning to avoid these crowds!

Silk Road monument, "offically" marking start of Silk Road

Some buses in Xi'an still operating using overhead electrical lines

One of the entrances of Xi'an City Walls

Views on top of the walls

Overlooking some ancient-styled building

Interesting looking rubbish bin

Overlooking busy Xi'an train station

You can rent a bicycle to cycle around the walls

But of cos, there are riskshaws for the lazys haha

Xi'an City Walls and its moat

Endless skyscrapers in a typical Chinese city now

Drum Tower at night

And of cos also Bell Tower

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