Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Khunjerab Pass and Sost

Day 25...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 283RMB and 450PKR ***
Bus from Tashkurgan to Sost: 225RMB
Entry fee to Khunjerab National Park: 50RMB
Jeep from Sost to Chapursan Valley: 300PKR
Accomodation @ Pamir Serai in Chapursan Valley: 100PKR
Food and Others: 8RMB and 50PKR

On the Karakoram Highway to Pakistan

NATCO minibus that will take me to Sost

Views along the Karakoram Highway

One of the few Chinese checkpoints along the way

Khunjerab Pass (4693m), highest paved border crossing in the world

Officially in Pakistan!
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You will also pass by Khunjerab National Park

We met some serious trouble...first a landslide, destroying almost the whole road...

Then the whole highway was flooded with water!!! -___-'''

Many trucks have been stuck here for days...

We have to trek up and down the mountains for around one hour to cross to the other side of the roadblock...Luckily I traveled light, so I carried all my stuffs myself

Enterprising porters always ready to earn some quick bucks

Walking on very narrow trail...

Finally made it to the other side of the roadblock...

Porters heading in the other direction towards China

It is a tough climb with that load of stuffs

Really hard work!!!

they say they will need another week or so to clear up the mess...till then...u have to do it the hard way! lol

they have all their tents and kitchen set up already

one of the Pakistanis engineer working on site

and a Pakistanis policeman

the very simple Pakistan's Customs and Immigration at Sost


  1. cool photo story - nice pictures - keep going:)

  2. I love your blogs.
    God bless you brother.