Monday, May 28, 2007


Day 9...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 215RMB ***
Entry to Crescent Lake and Echoing-Sand Mountain: 80RMB
Camel Ride @ Crescent Lake and Echoing-Sand Mountain: 60RMB
Accomodation @ Feitian Guesthouse: 25RMB
Local Transport, Food and Others: 50RMB

Took a overnight train from Jiayuguan to Dunhuang
On the way, we can see the ground surface varies alot, from this that resembles that of a moon's surface

To flat sandy desert ground

Then shrubs start appearing gradually

And finally farmlands, signaling that the city is close now

Still in construction Dunhuang train station

Took a trip to the Crescent Lake and Echoing-Sand Mountain (Mingsha Shan), situated on the edge of the Gobi Desert

Echoing-Sand Mountain actually refers to the beautiful sand dunes of the Gobi Desert, so named because of the sound that you can hear in the night when strong wind blows against the top of the sand dunes

You can try a camel ride through the desert

And this was my camel =)

Surrounded by sand dunes

Creative shot =p

It is easier to climb to the top of the sand dunes using these stairs, although it is more fun not using them

One of the locals working there

More beautiful sand dunes

If u are going during noon, be reminded to wear shoes, as the sands can get really hot!

A dead tree that failed to survive the extreme conditions

Small temple in the midst of the sand dunes

Towards evening, the sands are much cooler and walking bare-footed is much more fun!

I thought this makes a good mineral water advertisement poster, wat do u think? Haha...
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My footprints up the sand dune
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Aerial view of the temple

And of small Crescent Lake

Many desert lizards scrambling around

Overnight, these footprints will disappear and next day you will see...

A beautiful sand dune again after a night of "repair" by the howling wind

It kinda looks like the Great Wall of China seen from far, isn't it?
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Day 10...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 392RMB ***
Bus to Mogao Caves and back: 8RMB + 8RMB
Entry to Mogao Caves: 160RMB
Bus from Dunhuang to Liuyuan: 20RMB (128km)
Local Transport, Food and Others: 45RMB

Overnight Train from Liuyuan to Daheyan (For Turpan): 151RMB
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                ~ Train Code: T193
                ~ Type: Hardsleeper Lower Berth (Aircon)
                ~ Departure: 0032
                ~ Arrival: 0742
                ~ Travel Time: 07Hrs 10Mins (682km)

*Overland Distance Covered So Far: 4,279km

豆漿油條 for breakfast

Took a trip to Mogao Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The grottoes were really magnificient and stunning! But too bad cameras are not allowed in the caves... =/

A temple embedded within the caves

Each of the caves are now locked behind a door, and a guide is required to bring you to the various caves (usually only 10 caves, which are rotated frequently)

Amazing wall paintings in one of the caves

These statues are carved out from the caves, absolutely stunning considering that they were constructed more than 15 hundreds years ago!

Back to town for lunch, and locals recommended me to this restaurant

Where u can try the popular donkey meat! They tasted somewat like beef haha...

Very nice view along the streets

We got to Liyuan to catch our train to Turpan, only to realise that our train was cancelled due to a sandstorm! But luckily, we were able to exchange our tickets for another train that was going go Turpan too, though I wonder how the other train is able to get thru the sandstorm haha...


  1. cool pics dude ,mind blowing
    keep it up!

  2. hi there,i plan to go to these places as well...may i know did you book the hostel thru internet or you reach there then only you find for the hostel?

    Thanks :)

  3. hi jojo,

    i only find the hostel when i reach the different places. hard to book first since you can never have a fixed traveling schedule. =)


  4. Hi Keong ,
    I like to ask how did you buy the train tickets? at the station or did you book on line? as we are thinking of doing exactly the same trip...Bernard australia

  5. Hi Bernard,

    I got all my train tickets from the train stations. When you arrive at a city, you should already buy your next train out if you know when you are departing. =)