Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gilgit and Fairy Meadow Trek

Day 31...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 618PKR ***
Mini-bus from Karimabad to Gilgit: 60PKR
Accomodation @ Medina Guesthouse: 100PKR
Local Transport, Food and Others: 428PKR

magnificient view of Rakaposhi from Aliabad, enroute to Gilgit

"Suzukis" (the vehicle on the right) are common in the town of Gilgit as public transport

a hearty meal of meat karahi with chapati (of cos!) before heading off for the long Fairy Meadow trek the next day

Day 32...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 723PKR ***
Jeep from Gilgit to Raikot Bridge: 100PKR
Accomodation @ Jhel Village: 100PKR
Local Transport, Food and Others: 523PKR

first sighting of Nanga Parbat (8125m) as we trek from Raikot Bridge all the way up to Jhel instead of taking the expensive jeep ride!!!

we also pass by the small village of Tato

we meet many shepherds along the way, trying to guide their goats thru the narrow jeep track

Day 33...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 220PKR ***
Accomodation @ Beyal Camp: 100PKR
Food and Others: 120PKR

heading towards Nanga Parbat early in the morning

really too much goats along the way lol

Philippe accompanied by the many goats haha

a young shepherd

the view just gets better and better!!!

at Fairy Meadow, we met a group of university students trekking up to the Nanga Parbat basecamp too =)

the local kids

almost reaching Beyal camp

really fantastic views of Nanga Parbat from Beyal camp...it is like standing just right in front of you!

u can get a good view of Rakaposhi too in the distant

and a even closer look of Nanga Parbat and Raikot Glacier after trekking further up towards the basecamp

view of Nanga Parbat during sunset

and of far away Rakaposhi

you can't really see me!

neither can you see us! lol

Arnault and Philippe

Philippe and me, one of the best sceneries i have seen in my life!

Day 34...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 130PKR ***
Accomodation @ Tato Village: Free!
Food and Others: 130PKR

waking up in the morning to this kind of view is the best thing you can ever wish for!

and yeah, this is my first Himalayas mountain! absolutely euphoric! =p

me, Philippe (Canadian) and Arnault (French)
we hooked up in Gilgit and decided to do this trek together

we met the group of university students again in Beyal Camp

a local boy there wearing the traditional Hunza cap
he does not even look Asian at all!

trekking down back to the village of Tato again

the long and narrow jeep road that we trek between Raikot bridge and Jhel...
i estimate that it is almost a 1500m ascent and 15km long trek in 4 hours when we came up, match that!!!

Philippe posing while we took our break when heading down

me with my "iodine water" lol

and of cos Arnault

Day 35...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 635PKR ***
Mini-bus from Raikot Bridge to Gilgit: 100PKR
Accomodation @ Medina Guesthouse: 100PKR
Local Transport, Food and Others: 435KR

Posted by Arnault
        Il était 2 heures du matin quand Chee Keong, Jean-Philippe, le chauffeur de la jeep et moi avons été réveillés par des hommes tombourinant à la porte. La porte s'ouvre sur deux hommes mitraillette à la main, longue barbe et écharpe palestinienne. La fatigue de trois jours de marche intense sous un soleil de plomb ne nous a pas laisse le temps de nous inquiéter, les deux personnages se sont installés pour dormir dans cette grande pièce ou nous avions été reçus par le chef d'un village où aucun touriste ne s'arrête. Nous étions au pied du Nanga Parbat a quelques kilomètres de Gilgit, ville aux croisements des grandes vallées du nord, le centre commercial de la KKH, toutes les marchandises y convergent, des tapis d'Iran ou du Turmenistan, les pierres précieuses d'Afghanistan, les statuettes bouddhistes du Nepal ou la camelote chinoise. Les femmes ont disparu des rues, les quelques unes qui s'y aventurent sont complètement voilées. On est loin de l'Islam modéré des Ismaeliens.

        C'est à quelques kilomètres au sud de Gilgit, su la route du Nanga Parbat, il existe un point d'où l'on peut observer les trois plus hautes chaînes de montagnes du monde, l'Himalaya, le Karakoram et l'Hindu-Kush. Le mont Nanga Parbat, seul sommet au delà de 8000m qui surplombe la KKH est le dernier sommet de l'Himalaya. C'est un véritable mur de glace qui émerge verticalement à plus de 4000m au dessus du camp de base, il s'enflamme au coucher du soleil et éclaire la nuit. L'Hindu Kush fait la frontière avec l'Afghanistan et la Karakoram avec la chine, un plus haut les montagnes du Pamir se jettent aussi. On ne peut rêver de plus mythiques et grandes montagnes... Je crois que je vais laisser les montagnes du Nepal déjà sous la mousson pour un autre voyage...

Pakistanis truck driver proud of his truck

elaborated decoration on the truck

truck driver inside his truck
you can see that even the interior decoration is very detailed

another portrait of a local boy

jeep drivers at Raikot Bridge

bidding farewell to Nanga Parbat

it is really fun and exciting riding on the top of the mini-bus =p

a local sitting comfortably in the front of the mini-bus lol

nothing is too difficult to transport

trying to light a cigarette on top of the mini-bus is a tough business!


  1. ahh ur pics are amazing and really beautiful...and also ur guide on chi nd pk travel....nice

  2. well i actually belong to hunza. & its seems that u really enjoy so here in my homw town. thats really nice & hope u will visit again,,,,,,,,,

  3. Mind blowing pictures.
    I MUST visit Northern Pakistan !!!!

  4. Ive seen many pictures of Northern areas of Pakistan and visited few of them, but the ones you have in your blog are out standing, I enjoyed reading your blog. I hope ill visit for more.

  5. Thats great....well we tried to reach Tatto without jeep, but we failed due to lack of Water and other neccessary stuff, but we crossed almost 30-40%. Thats nice you guys have done a great job.

  6. I am from New Zealand and visiting Fairy meadows in June, 2011... just loved your photos of the mountains and the people... I believe there are not many tourists going there especially now with what happened in Abbatobad.