Sunday, June 17, 2007

Karimabad, Hunza Valley

Day 29...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 861PKR ***
Mini-bus from Passu to Karimabad: 60PKR
Accomodation @ Old Hunza Inn: 70PKR
Food and Others: 731PKR

Karimabad is a wonderful place to just take it easy, with fantastic views of 4 mountain peaks which are over 7000m. Rakaposhi (7788m), Ultar (7388m), Diran (7257m) and Spantik aka Golden Peak (7027m).

Diran Peak

Ultar Peak hidden behind the clouds

Baltit Fort, most important building in Karimabad

Baltit Fort with Ultar at the background

the distant Golden Peak

and the dominating Rakaposhi Peak

360 degree views of the 4 mountain peaks surrounding Karimabad

Baltit fort from a view point

Ultar at sunset

finally, a almost clear view of Rakaposhi

and of cos, the Golden Peak which is so named because of it wonderful golden colour during sunset

Day 30...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 245PKR ***
Accomodation @ Old Hunza Inn: 70PKR
Food and Others: 175PKR

clear view of Rakaposhi in the morning

and also Diran Peak

the sharp Bublimating Peak aka Ladyfinger (6000m) as seen from Karimabad town, protruding on the right side of the picture

after trekking up to Ultar Meadow, u can get a closeup view of Ultar Peak as well as the sharp Ladyfinger Peak on the left

after trekking upwards further more, you can get a really good close view of the incredible Ladyfinger Peak

nice glacier running down the mountain

view of Diran Peak from Ultar Meadow

views from Ultar Meadow

you have to walk thru these narrow passage to reach Ultar Meadow
beside the passage is the water channel that the Hunza people used to direct water from the mountains to the villages

concentration is utmost importance if you do not want to fall down the deep valley!

clear view of Ultar Peak from Karimabad


  1. brilliant stuff,inspiring.How long does it take to trek to ultar meadow from karimabad

  2. Hi there!

    The trek to Ultar Meadow takes about 7 hours round trip, around 4 hours there and 3 hours return. It can be easily done as a day trip. The ascent is rather steep, up a very rocky path and route is not very obvious, so do ask the locals for the correct direction. =)


  3. Great to see the picture of Hunza Vallery on your site. Thanks indeed for promoting Tourism we are working for tourism and looking forward for improving our tourism filed again and we of course need your help for projecting Hunza Passu

    Meharban karim

  4. hey hi, its really nice to see such good people like u in hunza. actually i belong to hunza,but its my badluck that i am far awaw from hunza due to my studies. any how so u r wellcome any time again.

  5. Hi,
    thanks indeed for the promotion of Hunza i already been there really nince and we visited passu Stay at Sarai Silk route Hotel nice peoples and land we love to go again and again

  6. Thanks for sharing great story and pics about the Silk Road and Hunza valley!


  7. The shots were beautiful... it was wonderful to see such beautiful scenery at such a remote location...

    I like wat you wrote about yourself too... yes a simple guy with a simple life to see the world... best wishes to you and hope you get to see as much of the world as you wish...

  8. Pakistan is one of the beautilful around the world , it needs little more expourse to the world, Another prove I must say to the world that we are loving nation with Lots of God's Blessing, May Allah Long Live Paksitan,Ameen