Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pakistan - Kalash Valley

Day 38...26th Jun 2007...

Visiting Kalash valleys is definitely an interesting and unique experience. The Kalash or Kalasha, are an indigenous group of the Hindukush, settling in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. The Kalash are thought to be the direct descendants of either Greek settlers of the Alexander the Great's army, or even Alexander himself. Though often overstated, instances of blond hair or light eyes are not unusual and add to the romanticized notion of a European connection.

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 680PKR ***
Jeep from Chitral to Bumburet Valley: 50PKR + 200PKR (Toll Fee)
Entry to Kalash Museum: 100 PKR
Accomodation @ Ishpata Inn: 100PKR
Food and Others: 230PKR

A cute Kalash girl, the niece of my wonderful host Taj Makedon in Brun village, Bumburet Valley, one of the 3 isolated Kalash Valleys

Small but informative Kalash Museum, definitely a must to understand the Kalash people and their culture

Beautiful golden wheat field during the harvest season

Kalash houses, usually built one on top of another

Me chatting with a elder Kalash woman

Cute Kalash girl with blond hair, hugging a couple of chickens
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Aren't they cute? =)

Kalash lady with some simple facial tatoo
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Beautiful and elaborated Kalash headdress

Taj brought me to visit his brother's family

The mulberries have just ripen, so it is time to collect them! =p

Great smile! =)

Fresh from the trees, sweet and yummy!

Taj's brother, the man who was doing all the hard work on top of the tree haha

And his friendly aunt
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And their daughters, also dressed in traditional Kalash clothings

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Getting impatient at me constantly snapping at them? Haha...

So shy!
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A Kalash girl hiding up on the tree
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Taj surrounded by them, always eager to check out their own pictures

Took a walk up the valley to Krakal Village

Kalash woman with her chubby baby
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Always eager to check out their own photos! haha

Another cute pair of Kalash girls
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Traditional stairs to go up the house

Making the traditional paratha for our dinner
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Kalash woman with her boy

So innocent looking =)

Day 39...27th Jun 2007...

Did a trek up to Donson Pass (2970m) to cross from Bumburet Valley into Acholgah Valley, and onward to Rumbur Valley. Acholgah Valley is isolated and rarely visited as it is separated from Bumburet and Rumbur Valleys by high mountains and have no road access at all.

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 400PKR ***
Accomodation @ Kalash Home Guest House: 200PKR
Food and Others: 200PKR

Simple map of the Kalash Valleys (quite near to Afghanistan in fact)

Met a few Kalash locals along the way, some carrying firewoods

Some dragging logs back to their village to construct their home

View of Bumburet Valley from Donson Pass

Small Kalash houses littered across the Acholgah Valley

Interesting to see people transporting logs using the most native way!

But it sure looks dangerous!

And of cos tough and tiring

Even the Kalash boys do their part in helping out =)

Finally reached Rumbur Valley after some scary trekking!

Harvests neatly tied and stacked

More pictures of Kalash girls in their traditional costumes
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This two girls were so shy that they ran away upon seeing their own photo!

Kinda rare to see a Kalash man working in the field I thought

My host Ingineer Khan, someone who had contributed much to the Kalash tribe and had definitely did the same to part of my life

His wife making more paratha for dinner haha

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