Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lowari Pass and Peshawar

Day 40...

many twists and turns up the Lowari Pass (3200m)

locals cutting ice blocks out of the glacier!
now we know where the ices from the streets come from lol @@

traveling thru glacier is full of fun and excitement

Day 41...

Peshawar's main population is the Pashtun people, largest tribal group in the world, and among them, many are Afghan refugees

auto rickshaw is the best mode of transport

goldfish, anyone?

lots of "dental clinic" in the old streets!

amazing display of curry pyramids! =p

shy Pashtun boys

men making the Shalwar Qamiz

delicious local foods, but always know what you are going to eat...

cos goat heads are popular dishes too! @_@

Naans fresh from the tandoor is heavenly

in Pakistan, you can find many different types of cap in different areas, i collected at least 5 different types haha

eager to have their picture taken haha

finally i found some fried fishes for dinner after many weeks without them!

and of cos some kebabs for dinner too =)

smile! =)

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  1. Very impressed by your travels. Beautiful photography of beautiful people, in a beautiful land. Qudos to you!

  2. Very Beautiful.... Swabi


    -Ali from Kurram Agency