Saturday, June 30, 2007


Day 42...

although the train journey from Peshawar to Lahore took much longer than bus, but i have always love taking train as you can have more chances to interact with the locals

i was really lucky that there was a Sufi festival going on, and it was one of the wildest and craziest night i ever had!

and i think i fell in love with Qawwali =)

getting all pumped up!

and getting into spiritual ecstasy, simply mind-blowing experience!

and the locals enjoying themselves

Day 43...

entrance of Badshahi Mosque

Badshahi Mosque is the second largest mosque in Pakistan, able to accomodate up to 55,000 people

Samadhi of Ranjit Singh hidden behind the wall

close up of the mosque architecture

the beautiful alley in the interior of the mosque

locals taking a break inside

actually Badshahi Mosque is undergoing some kind of major repairs to replace the red floor tiles of the big square

outside of Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort too is undergoing some reconstruction

Lahore Fort as seen from entrance of Badshahi Mosque

the notorious Kim's Gun aka Zamzama, and was described as “Who hold Zam-Zammah, that fire-breathing dragon, hold the Punjab!"

entrance to Wazir Khan Mosque

inside Wazir Khan Mosque

close up of one of the beautiful decorations on the wall

the huge Lahore Museum that can easily take up few hours of your time

the flag lowering ceremony at Wagah border is a exciting daily event for Pakistanis to demostrate their patroism against their Indian rival

this oldman i heard had been doing the cheer-leading for many years already, simply incredible!

crowded with people

the very ethusiatic cheer leaders

here come the Pakistanis fighters!

Pakistan Zindabad! Pakistan Zindabad!

the actual flag lowering ceremony with the Pakistan and India flag crossing one another

look, that is India! haha

Day 44...

walking thru one of the many shopping streets in Lahore

there are quite a number of churches around too

hawker selling some local food

not only the buses and trucks are nicely decorated, the auto rickshaws are too!

one of the few gates that leads to the old city

you can find anything, from colorful pink flowers

to goats' heads and internal organs!

frequently we get Qawwali performances at our hostel (Regale Internet Inn) during the night

Day 45...

Day 46...

tons of polices on the streets after the government almost declared a state of emergency due to the mosque seizure...
i guess i left Pakistan at a right time as all hell broke loose a few days later, leaving many dead and injured...=/

Day 47...


  1. I have ignored my tasks today to travel the silk road with you. Thank you for such a fabulous and unanticipated journey. I had yearned to do this for years,but have realized I have become too old for such rigorous travel.

    Thank you for taking me there.

  2. Mate, that is one awesome trip! nice pics too.

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip. I really enjoyed following your photo journal.

  4. Thanks Cheekeong for letting us travel with you through your magnificient pictures to see God's wonderful creation.


  5. I really liked your journey from China via silk road into Pakistan,I nearly spent a whole day watching your photos and videos and side-by-side I occasionally read articles in wiki about the culture,places to enjoy it more.

    I'm already planning to one day travel these places just like you after my engineering degree is completed.

    Thank you

    Cheers from India.

  6. I am a Pakistani but never saw it like this before.Thanks a lot man.

  7. What an incredible trip, congratulations! I'm so glad you had the guts to do all that, it's very inspiring.


  8. amazing! amazing! amazing!

    u have one hell of a good trip man :)

  9. thanks all for reading and the comments!
    this trip is the most enriching experiences in my life ever and will probably be so for a long time to come =)

  10. beautiful, Lahore is the heart of Pakistan..., i hope u had a great time there. Swabi Map & Villages

  11. I have been dreaming of journeying the silk road, from Xi'an to Islamabad just like yours. Lately I have started reading about this journey and hope to make it in the near future. Thank you for that interesting travelogue and beautiful pictures.

    I hope I'll be able to do this 2 years down the road and maybe then can I contact you for more information?

    Tan Boon Wah (Singapore)

  12. Hi Boon Wah,

    Sure! Will be glad to help. =)