Friday, June 01, 2007

Tianchi (Heavenly Lake)

Day 13...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 225RMB ***
Bus from Ürümqi to Tianchi: 50RMB (110km)
Bus up to Tianchi: 20RMB
Entry to Tianchi: 90RMB
Accomodation @ Rashit's Yurt (including 3 meals): 50RMB
Local Transport, Food and Others: 15RMB

*Overland Distance Covered So Far: 4,630km

Travel Information
Rashit's Yurt

Tianchi aka Heavenly Lake surrounded by the legendary Tianshan Mountains
~ View Picture on Flickr ~

~ View Picture on Flickr ~

We found our Kazakh host Rashit, as recommended in Lonely Planet

Kazakh yurt by the lake

Colorful interior of the Kazakh yurt

Surrounded by beautiful Alpine forests too

Very scenic!

People always like to take picture of animal skulls lol

Claus and Marc jumping in for a swim

Cursing and swearing while they were inside...too cold! haha

Smiling happily! =)

A frozen can imagine how cold it was!

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My very first "mini" glacier!

With Claus

Will love to have such a cottage myself in such beautiful settings

There are also many eagles soaring around

Chinese workers doing hard work of laying the path of concrete slabs

Weather turning bad quickly...

And started raining heavily!

Running for a hopeful cover towards a log cabin

But noone was around, so we took shelter outside the log cabin...shivering cold...

We reckoned it was gonna take a while, so we just sneaked into the log cabin by climbing thru the small window lol...


And a few games of chinese chess while waiting...
But the rain didn't we trekked in the heavy rain for 2 hours to reach back to our yurt...some really tough times...

Finally back at our yurt, all wet and cold while our Kazakh host gets the fire going for us

Day 14...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 270RMB ***
Cable car down Tianchi: 21RMB
Taxi from Tianchi to Fukang: 10RMB each / 3 person (40km)
Bus from Fukang to Ürümqi: 11RMB (75km)
Entry to Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Museum: 30RMB
Local Transport, Food and Others: 55RMB
Overnight bus from Ürümqi to Yining: 143RMB (710km)

*Overland Distance Covered So Far: 5,455km

Warm Kazakh yurt that we stayed in

Me, Marc and Claus

Simple breakfast

Kazakh yurt by Tianchi, with Tianshan Mountains as backdrop
~ View Picture on Flickr ~

~ View Picture on Flickr ~

White statue of a lady blowing flute...not sure about any story about her thou

Tons of tourists near entrance of the lake

Yeah, i have been here! lol

Took the cable car down

Wonderful views of the temperate forests

Back to Urumqi again, where I took a overnight bus from Urumqi to Yining

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