Sunday, June 03, 2007

Yining and Road to Kashgar

Day 15...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 85RMB ***
Accomodation in Yining: 15RMB
Local Transport, Food and Others: 70RMB

Took a little trip to Yining, hoping to visit Sayram Lake and do the overland trip from Yining to Kucha across TianShan mountains, which was recommended by many for its wonderful sceneries. But things didn't turn out all that well. Sayram Lake wasn't that impressive as seen from the bus due to major road reconstruction by the lake, and the road from Yining to Kucha was closed to public bus at that time. Sighz... In the end, had to waste 2 days 1 night on the bus to get from Yining to Kashgar enroute through Urumqi again. Bad planning all in all, but I guess at least I learnt abit of the bus culture here in Xinjiang haha =)

Overnight bus from Urumqi to Yining

Kid sleeping soundly

Uyghur style "liang mian" for lunch

Family outing by Yili River

Glimpse of Yili River

Simple bed in a simple dorm

Day 16...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 192RMB ***
Local Transport, Food and Others: 5RMB
Overnight bus from Yining to Korla: 187RMB (710km + 477km)

*Overland Distance Covered So Far: 6,642km

Morning exercise before work!

Sleeper bus from Yining to Korla

Very comfortable with blanket and enough leg space

If you are lucky, u might even have your own television haha

This no smoking sign is useless! everybody still smokes! haha

Empty streets of Luntai, enroute to Korla

Day 17...

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 211RMB ***
Local Transport, Food and Others: 30RMB
Overnight bus from Korla to Kashgar: 181RMB (285km + 731km)

*Overland Distance Covered So Far: 7,658km

Fried rice with beef for breakfast =)

Most public toilets in China are really gross!!!

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